45th Reunion of Class of 1971

The illustrious Josephites Batch of 1971 total 40 in number along with their halves lead by General Man Mohan Singh Rai (Presently Vice-Chief of Army Staff India), IAS Alok Jain (former Chief Secretary Uttrakhand) and Mr. Kulbhushan (was the School Head Boy) reunited at our Alma Mater on 5th of March 2016!

SJA Alumni Association Dehradun Josephites Batch of 1971

Special thanks to Mr. Sudhir Arora and Mr. Subhash Chadha for creating this wonderful opportunity to meet our seniors an event which I am sure shall be the milestone in the history of Alumni Association… This function is the reunion between us and our Alma mater, shall shape the future of Alumni.

They may have visited their Alma Mater after years, but as we all know when you are back, the joy of experiencing familiar surroundings is extraordinary… Nostalgic and wistful that’s how we have seen previously whenever our seniors alumni have visited… and this batch too had the same feeling.

They all gathered out of their free will, because of their attachment to this esteemed institution, and to their teachers and we took pains to invite their Mentors Mr. Bari, Mr. S.K. Gupta and Mrs. Ghosh who guided them through in the school days... To remember those wonderful times they spent at SJA ― when they were together almost every day ― danced together ― went through puberty together ― when they formed many of the values they now hold dear, and many of the most intimate, precious and lasting friendships of their lives. And our only wish for them was to catch up on the good old times... They may have been with friends whom they see often, but never often enough. There would be others whom they may not have seen in years or even since they left the school, but whom we were nonetheless sure were delighted to see once again... That’s the reason we love reunions ― and every year take great pains to organise Gala Reunion Dinner for the Alumni.

We all gathered at the AV room of our Alma mater and welcomed this illustrious Alumni, Secretary Jatinder Bhatia took the call and thereafter invited President Praveen Chandhok to take over the proceedings, Patron Brother Dennis Joseph welcomed and thanked the batch and subsequently leaders of the batch spoke their hear out, the speech rendered by Mr. Kulbhushan almost choked the entire alumni present fondly remembering and reciting the teachings of Mr. Rathke who could quote entire Julius Ceaser without holding the book, it was right from his heart, and rating St. Joseph’s Academy as the best institution he has ever seen or visited elated each and every Josephite present.
General Man Mohan Singh Rai (Presently Vice-Chief of Army Staff India) and IAS Alok Jain paying tribute to the Mentors stated their achievements was the results of the teachings of their mentors and the lesson they learned at their dear Alma mater… Together they went on to honour respective teachers with presents and thanked them shaping their careers.

High teas served was also simply nostalgic, catered to reminisce the good old school days menu consisting of Bun Samosa, Bun Chole apart from Idli, Vada and Plum Cakes and the dish that steal the show was Gatte with Kala Chooran!

Special gifts and thanks were showered upon patron SJA Alumni Association our Principal Brother Dennis Joseph who went out of his make this meet possible and also to the President Praveen Chandhok on behalf of SJA Alumni Association for creating this event.

We all were indeed overwhelmed, nostalgic and emotional on conclusion of this astounding meet and shall cherish forever each and every moment spent with these illustrious Alumni.
Looking forward to many more such reunions. Thank you so much

SJA love to you all....