5 Year! Reunion for the class of 1991

sja alumni

What more could have present MC asked to strengthen the Bonds of Josephites! We got yet another opportunity to extend a warm welcome to the batch of 1991 completing 25 years of passing out from St. Joseph’s Academy! We all were quite eager grab the opportunity to see how the education and life experience gained by students, while at St. Joseph’s Academy, had assisted them in their endeavours since they graduated. Alumni receptions such as these provide us with an opportunity to become reacquainted with the community from which we came. Their presence at Alma Mater reaffirms our ongoing membership in this community.
Alumni is one of the many titles that we bare and it is also a title that lends definition to our life in certain respects. The word itself is derived from the Latin verb alere, "to nourish," and literally means "nourished ones." There are many ways that we can think about ourselves and reflect upon the nourishing experiences we had while earning this meaningful title.
In a large sense, the education that we received shaped how we engage, interpret and act in the world around us. The life experiences that we underwent during our under-graduate careers contributed greatly to the development of our character, spurned us onto a greater level of independence and ultimately prepared us to deal with life’s twists and turns. The relationships that we developed throughout this process will forever be united by this bond of change that marks such an important period in our lives.

These are simply a few thoughts that Alumni receptions present us with the opportunity to reflect upon. In turn, thoughts such as these compel us to recognize and thank the institution without which none of this would be possible. St. Joseph’s Academy has a rooted history in field of education and a proud tradition of excellence.

Success of our Alumni’s is a testimony to this point.

Our very, very Special thanks to Vineet Panchi for taking great pains in coordinating with Alumni and his batch thereby helping us to mark this occasion with a celebration.

Please accept our heartiest Congratulations for completing the 25 years of passing out from St. Joseph’s Academy and keeping the spirit alive… We all look forward to many more such wonderful moments together/


SJA Love to you all
Cheers and Warm Regards,

Praveen Chandhok
SJA Alumni Association