Commencement of Delhi Chapter !!

Dear Members,

As we had informed you in our previous mail that the Delhi Chapter was to be formulated because the previous council had completed its term, the mail regarding the same was sent to all regarded members and we received willingness from our members to join our hands and make a fresh beginning for the Delhi Chapter.

A meeting regarding same was organised at Cafeteria of Korean Cultural Center, 25A, Ring Road, Lajpat Nagar- 4, at 4.00 PM on 6th of April 2017, all the members who had shown their willingness were duly informed in time to meet Managing Committee and conduct the formalities. The meeting was duly attended by the five of the six respondents:
1. Rajiva Singh
2. Kalpana Pande
3. Joy Jain
4. Dilpreet Singh Grover
5. Pranav Khanna

Apart from the above mentioned five members, the meeting was also attended by our regarded senior Alumni Mr. Raman Bhatia (Former Vice President – Outstation), Mr. Randhir Arora (Former President) and Mr. Robinder Sachdeva.

The following Managing Committee members were also present in the meeting:
1. Praveen Chandhok (President)
2. Navneet Oberai (Vice President – Local)
3. Dr. Nirmaljeet Singh Arora (Vice President – Outstation)
4. Jatinder Bhatia (Secretary)
5. Mohit Rajvanshi (Member)
6. Sachin Aggarwal (Member)
7. Abhinav Goel (Member)

In a very positive and pleasing conversation MC formulated the Delhi Chapter Council Mr. Rajiva Singh (Former Coordinator) was nominated as Ex Officio member, which was prerequisite as per Chapter Bye Laws, Ms. Kalpana Pande was given the responsibility of Chapter Coordinator, Mr. Joy Jain as Treasurer, Mr. Dilpreet Singh Grover as Secretary and the youngest of all Mr. Pranav Khanna as the Member forming the core team which we all believe would spread the wings of our Association.

The biggest joy MC member had was when Mr. Raman Bhatia our dearest and regarded senior member (1968 Batch) accepted the request to act as a Patron of Delhi Chapter working in tandem with Dr. Nirmaljeet Singh Arora (Vice President – Outstation) based in Delhi to guide and mentor the Chapter Council.

The Delhi Chapter Council:
Raman Bhatia (Patron)
Rajiva Singh (Ex Officio)
Kalpana Pande (Coordinator)
Joy Jain (Treasurer)
Dilpreet Singh Grover (Secretary)
Pranav Khanna (Member)

All of us congratulate the chosen members for being the integral part of association and assure them all the necessary help to reach out to maximum number of Josephites within their territorial boundary and to unify the Josephite Community...

As planned the meeting was followed by Camp Zero "House Concert" , by Stayakam Mhokamsing, a Dutch violinist who had composed "Shunya Raga" along with Tabla player Imran Khan, organised by our Alumni and classmate Robinder Sachdeva.

The rendition was soulful, poignant and touching taking entire audience to another world. Personally I have had the pleasure of hearing various performances by various masters but I must confess that this performance by a young Dutch artist simply unparalleled, unforgettable and etched in your mind forever!

Dear Robinder was very right when he stated that Raag Shunya created state of nothingness till Violin was in hand of Stayakam Mhokamsing...

Thank you so much Robinder for creating a perfect evening for all of us...

Dear members residing in NCR are requested to come forward to get in touch with Delhi Chapter Council we shall be soon informing you the details and contact numbers of Council members.

SJA love to all of you...

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