Alumni Sports Meet 2016

“Alumni Sports Meet 2016” held on 31st October 2016 a great day of sport and social fun at our Alma Mater campus... Bright and sundrenched morning of 31st October witnessed the “Alumni Sports Meet 2016” playing with the old teammates, reliving the memories, competing against each other once again, and winning Medals in 6 different sports tournaments across campus.
A day simply not to be missed! Commencing at 8.00 am at the SJA Tennis Court, Big Field, Basket Ball Court, and culminating at Auditorium with some stunning badminton matches, breathtaking shots being hit in the finals were awesome... This year as promised the event was bigger and better supported by Bansal Classes, Dehradun.
The Alumni Sports Meet, as indicated by the name, is all about the alumni and we are thankful for the alumna's enthusiastic participation in the same. It was a complete team effort the Junior members of the committee dear Abhinav Goel and Swabhavi Aggarwal along with Harshit Gupta took care of logistics and co related activities since past one month and continuously interacting with seniors to execute the minutest details.
These are the strong shoulders that shall carry the association to greater heights. With the support of Mr. Rautela Sir school’s sports head the and staff the necessary arrangement were made which not only included preparation of facilities to conduct multi sports ranging from Cricket to Badminton and provided the participant sumptuous south Indian lunch and Breakfast! It was a day full of fun, food and drink, sports and excitement with almost 150 Alumni welcomed by the members of the Managing Committee with great zeal and enthusiasm. The alumna's Re-lived their old times, played some outstanding sport and interacted with their old friends, seniors and the faculty. It turned out to be a great platform for an informal interaction between the alumni by playing various sports against each other. The buzz was around whole day former and Existing Faculty members, Staff and ex-Students cheered the teams and thoroughly enjoyed by participating in the various events. Besides cricket match between different batches of Alumni which was the major attraction of the event, other events like Table Tennis, Basket Ball, Lawn Tennis and Badminton were held and contested hotly.
This occasion was an opportunity of meeting old friends, sharing old memories, reviving lost ties and building new ones. The prizes were distributed among the winners of the Alumni sports meet by President SJA AA and Vice President SJA AA, Treasurer SJA AA and the Mr. Ravi Saran GM Bansal Classes and Vaibhav Jain VP Bansal Classes who is also incidentally an Alumni. Overall “Alumni Sports Meet 2016” meet was a splendid success and all the alumni were thrilled to be a part of this event as they think that events like this are a great platform for reviving old friendships and meeting family members of their friends.
Events like this are link between past and present binding the SJA family with thread of love and commitment. The exceptional support of Principal Bro. Dennis Joseph wholehearted support made a significant contribution in making “Alumni Sports Meet 2016” a grand success.