Blood Donation Camp 2016 !!! When People Come Together for a Noble Cause

The SJA Alumni Association in coordination with the Sri Mahant Indresh Hospital (Blood Bank) Dehradun, Press Partner "Amar Ujala Foundation" and "Garhwal Post" (Satish Sharma organised “Voluntary Blood Donation Camp” at the School Auditorium on 2nd October 2016. As Harish SIngh Ji Editor Amar Ujala stated the importance of such camps is to create awareness among people to come forward, donate blood and contribute in whatever little way we can to save 3 lives by donating one bottle. As one bottle is bifurcated in 3 units consisting of RBC, Plasma and Platelets.

All the donors were treated with variety of snacks courtesy"Melting Moments" Elloras, Rajpur Road with love dear Josephite Drona Gulati. The Camp was effectively managed by Mohit Chawla of SMIH (Blood Bank).

The Camp began at 9.00 am till 5.00 pm. at the St. Joseph’s Academy- Auditorium to an overwhelming response more than 100 volunteers out which 74 were able to donate and sadly more than 26 were rejected due to recent infections, under medication and low HB apart from Josephites even Rotarions were present, the noteworthy aspect large number of the donors were women!!! Mrs. Venu Agrahari Dhingra from “Citizen for Green Doon” joined the cause and distributed a sapling to each donor on the occasion. This was the 7th Blood Donation Camp being executed by SJA Alumni Association. Bro. Dennis Joseph the Principal, St. Joseph’s Academy, was not only present but also in the forefront to donate blood, he emphasized the need for more such socially beneficial activities. He also appreciated the efforts Blood Bank on the occasion. And also congratulated and encouraged the SJA Alumni Association for its admirable endeavor.

Praveen Chandhok President, Navneet Oberai Vice President,Dablu Bhatia Secretary, Deepak Bakshi Treasurer, Dr. Alok Jain, Sachin Aggarwal, Abhinav Goel, Raghav Sharma, Sonali Mehta andSwabhavi Agarwal of the SJA Alumni Association pledged that the association shall devotedly carry more such social activities with the help and support of Josephites, and also encourage Doonites to come forward for their participation in this noble cause.

The other members SJA AA present on the occasion were Jai Raj, Surbhi Arora, Vijay Vachani, Anurag Sangall, Kapil Anand , Siddharth Jain,Vikas Dewan , Jaideep Datta , COl. Sanjay Mohan, Raman Narula Tirupati Juneja , Aniroodh Prakash, Rohan Bakshi, Aashish Wasu among others.