Cricket Match between SJA AA and Cambrian Hall Alumnus

SJA Alumni Association has always maintained a strong connection with its vibrant network of alumni. We are thankful to all our alumni who have carried forward the SJA culture even after leaving their Alma mater by being constantly involved and supporting the Managing Committee and its Alma Mater…

As I write this post I can hear the chorus CHAMDA HALL , CHAMDA HALL and ST. JAMA , ST. JAMA (no bitterness please) just reliving the nostalgic memories.

CRICKET MATCH between SJA AA and Cambrian Hall Alumnus

MC invites all the dear Alumni members of SJA AA for a fun-filled day of Alumni cricket match between St Joseph’s Academy Alumni Association and Cambrian Hall Alumnus on Sunday 24th April 2016 to bring together the past and present students of SJA in a competitive spirit to cherish moments, relive your days at SJA create new bonds and forge a robust affiliation between the two most prestigious schools of Dehradun.

Let us all connect to our Alma mater come together and actively participate in the activities being organised by SJA AA because being an alumni of the most esteemed institution you are entrenched in its legacy and will continue to do so…

We will keep you posted with detail on our Alumni Page, Team Eternal Page, E-Mails and Mass Messages….

SJA Love to you all….

Warm Regards,
Praveen Chandhok
SJA Alumni Association