Election Notification II

Notification No. 2/2017                                                                                                      Dated: 16th September 2017
Election Notification for the 4th Elections for the Managing Committee of SJA Alumni Association for the Term 2017-19

I, Praveen Chandhok, as President of the SJA Alumni Association, 12 Rajpur Road, Dehradun, hereby notifies the following to all members of the Association: -

As per the Memorandum of Association, Rules and Regulations and Bye-laws framed by the committees read with the decisions taken in accordance to the AGMs, the following is hereby Notified:-

1.That the date of Elections for the Managing Committee is on 16th December 2017.

2. All members of the Association are required to elect by secret ballot the following Managing Committee: -

Sl. No.   Post                                                       Number of Posts
I        President                                                   One
II        Vice President                                           Two
III        Secretary                                                   One
IV        Treasurer                                                   One
V        Managing Committee Member  Senior      Four
VI        Managing Committee Member  Junior       Three

As per Bye-Laws only those Josephites who are members of the Association as on 15th August 2017 shall be eligible to contest for any post in the elections. The list of members have been updated on the Association website www.sjaalumni.com

The elections shall be by means of physical polling of secret ballot on the 16th of December 2017. However, postal ballot may be resorted to in case a member is unable to attend AGM due to personal exigencies.

Please see Election Bye Laws for details which is also available on website www.sjaalumni.com
3. The Last dates for :
a.    Filing of nominations is 17th October 2017.
b.    Scrutiny of nominations and publication of provisional list of valid nomination 24th October 2017.
c.    Withdrawal of nomination/candidature is 26th October 2017.
d.    Request of postal ballot by mail/email is 16th November 2017. Member must  make the request with a valid photo identity proof.
e.    Completion of dispatch of postal ballot 25th November 2017.
f.    Last date of receipt of postal ballot at GPO Dehradun 15th December 2017.
g.    Polling, counting and declaration of results 16th December 2017.

4. The prescribed forms for Nominations, withdrawal of candidature and request for postal ballot are available with the Election Committee and can also be downloaded from the website www.sjaalumni.com.

The Election Bye-laws and Sequence of Events for the Elections are enclosed with this notification and are also available on the website www.sjaalumni.com
4.    The prescribed forms for Nominations, withdrawal of candidature and request for postal ballot are available with the Election Committee and can also be downloaded from the website www.sjaalumni.com.
Note: Only the requests made and received on proper prescribed forms shall be entertained.

5. As per the unanimous decision of the Management Committee Mr. Rajeev Nangia 1965 batch, has been appointed as the Chief Returning Officer for the elections scheduled in December 2017. The Election Committee shall comprise of Chief Returning Officer along with Mr. Anurag Sangal , F.C.A. batch of 1974 , Mr. Jitender Virmani, batch of 1981, Col. Rakesh Jindey, batch of 1982  and Mr. Ravi Maheshwari F.C.A. batch of 1986.

All communication with respect to this notification should be made at the following:-
Address :
Returning Officer,
C/o. SJA Alumni Association,
St. Joseph's Academy,
12, Rajpur Road, Dehradun
E.Mail: returningofficer@sjaalumni.com

For any further clarification please see FAQ regarding elections on the website or contact info@sjaalumni.com.

And now, I call upon all members of the Association to elect the Management Committee as aforesaid as per the procedures laid down in Election Bye Laws. For all purposes Election Bye Laws and Sequence of Events form part and parcel of this notification.

You are also requested to update your postal address, telephone numbers, email ID's available with the Alumni office at the earliest.

To be eligible for voting, members are requested to ensure that all their dues are clear prior to issue of both postal ballot & physical ballot.

Members are also requested to carry their Membership cards for identity. However those members who are yet to receive their Membership cards may carry any other valid photo ID with them.

Please stand notified to the above.

1. Election Bye-laws and Procedure
2. Sequence of Events