• How old is the SJA Alumni Association? When was it formed?
    The Association was formed in the year 2010, and registered under the Societies Registration Act (Act XXI of 1860) on 30/06/2010.
  • What is the Principal's role in the Association?
    Principal is the chief patron of the Association and a permanent invitee to all meetings and functions of the Association.
  • What kind of programs does the Association undertake?
    The Association undertakes a wide range of programs like mentoring, career counselling, scholarships and welfare schemes, and generally assisting the current students of SJA in whatever manner possible. Experts and professionals among the alumni provide assistance to the School, and present and past students through guest lectures and seminars in keeping abreast with the latest developments in education, technology and job opportunities. The Association raises funds to provide scholarships to deserving students both in field of academics as well as sport, for school projects as well as sponsorship of school events.
  • What are the benefits of joining the Alumni Association?
    The Association helps past students keep in touch with the School and with each other in different parts of the world, to network effectively with alumni in different fields, which is a critical determinant of success in the modern world, and to build and maintain these relationships throughout one’s career.
    We will also be hosting annual dinners/ meets/ picnics reconnecting all alumni members.We will also be coming up with a lot of Exciting offers / Exclusive Privileges which will be announced shortly. These would be exclusively for the members only.
  • Does being a member guarantee admission for children into the School?
    There is no such guarantee, but being a member is certainly an advantage.
  • What are the criteria for becoming a member?
    The requirements for becoming a member are (a) the alumnus should have studied in the School  for at least for 3 years or (b) the alumnus should have appeared in any one of the examinations boards - Senior Cambridge, ISC or ICSE from the School.
  • Can teachers become members of the Alumni Association?
    Only past students can become members of the Alumni Association. A teacher who is also a past student can take membership. There is, however, provision for honorary membership without voting rights for teachers who are not past students.
  • Is every alumnus an automatic member of the Association?
    Membership is not automatic.
  • How do I become a member of the Association?
    Alumni are required to fill the membership form available at the Association office in the School premises, and remit by demand draft or cheque payable at Dehra Dun, sums of (a) Rs.1000/- (Rupees one thousand only) as entrance fee, AND (b) one-time life membership subscription of Rs.1500/- (Rupees one thousand five hundred only) OR annual membership subscription of Rs. 200/- (Rupees two hundred only). Membership forms are also available on our website www.sjaalumni.com. These can either be filled online or downloaded and sent to the Association office along with the membership fees. Membership will be granted once the particulars in the membership form are verified from the school records.
  • After joining will I be given a Photo ID card?
    Yes all Alumni members will be given an Alumni photo ID card , This Photo ID card must be shown duing the AGM, EGM ,Annual Dinners & other Association Events.
  • When is the annual membership subscription due?
    Annual membership is for each calendar year, hence the subscription would be due on 1st January each year.
  • What if the annual subscription is not paid?
    Failure to pay the annual subscription will debar the member from attending the AGM, voting in or contesting elections, and from other programs meant for members until the dues are cleared from the date of default. An alumnus failing to pay the annual subscription for 3 consecutive years will automatically cease to be a member of the Association. In order to avoid this eventuality, members are encouraged to pay one-time life membership subscription of Rs.1500/-.
  • What if I was a member of the earlier Alumni Association?If the school has the records, then the Josephite automatically becomes a member of the present Association, and need not pay the entrance fee of Rs.1,000/-, but would need to pay either one-time life membership subscription of Rs.1,500/-, or annual membership subscription of Rs.200/- per year.
  • I had paid for the subscription for membership of the Alumni Association on leaving School, but my name does not appear in the members’ list.Please send us the photocopy/ scanned copy of receipt/ bank details of the payment made. After verification of the same from the school your name will be included in the list of members.
  • When do the elections take place?Elections take place every consecutive year, on the third Saturday of December. [ The exact date of the 1st Election and the Election process will be announced on Dec 2010 Alumni Meet]
  • Are non-members permitted to attend the Annual General Meeting?No, alumni who are not members of the Association will not be permitted to attend the AGM.
    Members will be issued Alumni photo ID cards, which must be presented during AGMs, elections, annual dinners and other functions of the Association.
  • Are guests allowed in the Association functions?Functions are strictly for member-alumni and their immediate families, that is, parents, spouse and children.
  • What is the procedure to contribute funds to the School or sponsor an event?Alumni can contact the Secretary of the Association who would arrange meetings with the School authorities, and the contributions can be made through the Association.
  • What is the procedure to donate to the Alumni Association?Alumni can get in touch with any of the Management Committee members for guidance.
  • When can I have access to the Blog ?When ever a member is registered with the Alumni Association , either on line or by physically depositing it in Alumni office , a user name and a password will be issued to the member. The same can be used to access to the Blog section.
    We are also in process in issuing login names and passwords to the old existing  members.