Former President’s Message

Greetings for the new year...

vikas-dewan1I have always felt elevated and proud on being the alumni of St. Joseph’s Academy an institution rich with accomplishment & history. It’s been an honor and privilege for me to have been elected as the president of this august body which has been headed by my honorable seniors Mr. Ajay Goyal and Mr. Randhir Arora in the past .

We have had a successful and vibrant alumni Association running for the past 04 years with responsible and motivated team of josephites and to carry the success run, I’ve been lucky to get an enthusiastic team of torch bearers who are Oozing to leave no stone unturned to take the SJAAA to the next big level.
I have Mr. I.V.Singh, a reverend senior as VP-Out station , Mr. Ambuj Oberoi, the founder secretary of SJAAA as VP –Local , Mr. Tirupati Juneja an able lieutenant as the new Secretary , Mr. Vijay Vachani-great organizer & guiding force as the Treasurer . Also the new group of managing committee members in Mr. Deepak Bakshi, Mr. Vedant Kapoor, Mr. Harshit Gupta, Mr. Amit Joshi, Mr. Prateek Gupta, Mrs. Shalini Haldar and Ms. Mandeep Kaur, should be great contributors of SJAAA leading the way to future team leaders.

We plan to start our new innings with a focused membership drive , because we feel that we are a very big and united family which just needs to integrate our resources and become a force to reckon with .

So friends as we move ahead , Its my earnest request to all fellow Josephine’s to be communicative and kindly provide your suggestions and support to enable us to take the SJAAA to new heights and make our experience of belonging , a truly rewarding one .

We also have special mention of our reverend Principal & Patron Bro. A.J.George , without whose guidance and initiative , we would certainly not be at a juncture that we are today . We plan to reciprocate this goodwill with all sincerity in our forthcoming term.

Looking forward to your unending support and guidance at all times and wishing you a wonderful and healthy times ……

Vikas Dewan
SJA Alumni Association 2013-15

Randhir k Arora St Joseph Academy Alumni AssociationWishing the best of health and cheer for the coming year and hoping your presence today at the Annual Gala Reunion & Dinner is an affirmation of your commitment to your School and brethren of your Alma Mater.

As the head of the first elected Managing Committee of your association the onerous task was handed over by the founding team to us to further the cause of the alumni and school on behalf of the association that enters in its third year of existence.

A beginning that was made in June 2010 now sees us as over 2200 member strong association with a full fledged working office in the school premises. More and More members are joining us to take the association forward.

Major events, initiatives and endeavors have been undertaken by us whom you can read in the Secretary's Report and more such are planned for which approval of the house is being sought for 2013.

They say “One of the greatest and simplest tools for learning more and growing is doing more." This is our pledge: doing more for our families, school and society because we are in at an age where it is payback time and services to the school and alumni are the best ways to do it.

I hope dear members you will cement your ties further with us towards the cause of the school and the alumni fraternity. There are so many tasks to be done that without your support it will not be possible to achieve.

Last but not the least as we enter our second year of our term I would like to express my Thanks to Bro A.J George for his unflinching support, initiative and maturity in making this alumni association into a strong and vibrant body.

Randhir K. Arora
SJA Alumni Association 2012-13

Ajay Goyal Former President SJA Alumni Association DehradunA great beginning has indeed been made!

The SJA alumni association with a truly global appeal is now a reality. This has become possible because of the great enthusiasm and generation of ideas that we witnessed over the internet and otherwise from across the countries over the past few months.

Congratulations to one and all who are now a part of this great family and we all share a common bond called SJA.
My team and I, as members of the 1st management committee, are profoundly pleased to be entrusted with this daunting task of putting our house in order and of organizing a gala evening for members on the 18th of Dec 2010. We accept this responsibility with all humility at our disposal and assure you that we shall discharge it with a true, collective Josephite spirit.

The new management committee seeks to establish a strong autonomous, transparent and vibrant association with a truly international representation. This association will be a body that shall make meaningful contribution to our Alma Mater and at the same time promote camaraderie amongst its members.

To be able to accomplish the above, some of the tasks that demand our immediate attention are as follows:

Membership base to be strengthened. The current registered members as per the school records handed over to us is around 1700+ members for which the committee has undertaken the humungous task of updating / correcting the data base, which is hopelessly outdated, in respect to the current contact details of all the members. Detailed screening of this data base has been carried out and all members, whose contact members, were available, have been called, however this formidable exercise has met with very limited success given that 75% of the numbers are obsolete. Simultaneously, this data base has been digitized and we are now putting it up on our website for all of us to see. We request you all to check out this membership list and help us update not just your own data, but also of anyone on this list that you know of.

A great mission pending for ages, will have been accomplished through your valuable, proactive inputs.

At the same time we are pleased to announce the drive for new membership. I beckon you all to go for it . It is sure to endear us to teach other and make great things possible !

The process of becoming a member is available on the main menu of the website.

All those whose name figures on the old membership list are not needed to pay the membership joining fee .However, they shall be required to pay an annual subscription. They are also requested to refer to the FAQ section on the website.

Launch of the SJA Alumni website. The long awaited website is now a reality before you. This will be integrated with the SJA school website under the aegis of the principal. We strongly recommend to make our website as featuristic as possible. Any suggestion to enrich its features are welcome.

Alumni Chapter to be established country/ continent wise and also within various states in India. I urge all willing Josephites who have become members of the Alumni to come forward to represent their geographical domain and work.. In the mean time we look forward to your suggestions for seamless establishment of such chapters.

Alumni also plans to take up concrete projects in discussion with the school to make meaningful contribution for the betterment of our school.

To organize an alumni gala meet and make this an annual event. One important task before us is to organize the Alumni Gala Meet scheduled for 18th and 19th of December this year. I shall look forward to your spirited participation and to your esteemed presence on this occasion to make it a huge success.

To be able to accomplish all these tasks, we shall be forming committees and subcommittees, for which we will need focused volunteers in respective domains and areas. We welcome members who are willing to spare time for various assignments.

So let’s get going. We are highly excited at the prospects of meeting our friends from across the Globe. See you in Doon on the 18th of Dec 2010!

with best wishes,

Ajay Goyal
(Founder President)