ISC & ICSE Results 2017 !!!!

Dear Members,
It has now become habit! Josephites shining and outshining every year once proving their superiority not only in Doon but in entire Uttarakhand and well beyond...
We salute all them and thank them for putting in their hard work resulting in success, thereby swelling the hearts of Josephite fraternity with pride...
They have done it yet again!!!
Exams or Not, we know that Josephites are Champion in the making!
ISC (Class 12th) - Total appeared 240
90% and above 71
Adya Sharma 98.25 %
Aditi Verma 97.75%
Shambhavi Rawat 97.5 %
Sharuya Veer Singh Rawat and Lakshay Arora 97.25%
Apurv Purohit abd Shashwat Badoni 97%
ICSE (Class 10th) - Total appeared 249 -
90% and above 88
Aryan Srivastava 98%
Vaibhav Garg 97.8 %
Anjali Rawat 97.4 %
Indeed they have made the entire Alumni fraternity proud...
Congratulations to all the toppers and for those who couldn’t achieve the top rank, please remember that, Life is game of cricket and keeps throwing various balls at you Bouncers, Yorkers, Googly etc. But No Power in this Universe can get you out, you will keep getting many, at different intervals. If you miss one, don’t cry, don’t fret. Just stay focussed. Whenever there is a setback, don’t sit back. Just step back and scan for opportunities. When you find the right one, just bounce back. Never consider yourself a failure, one event in life cannot make you or anyone failure. You may miss the second the ball. You may miss the third ball, even the fourth ball. But fifth ball I am sure you will hit a SIX! What’s important is that after hitting a Six, do not stop there. Wait for more balls. Till you are alive, wait for the balls the life throws at you. And keep playing. Keep scoring runs. Stay focused. The one who works hard and keeps trying, he/she will definitely be Successful.
As per discussion with our patron and Principal Brother Babu Vargehese the felicitation ceremony shall be conducted once the school reopens in the month for July 2017...
Proud to be a Josephite...
SJA love to you all 18835622_1495118217230115_2087943320463348113_n