Marathon 2016 !!!!

St. Joseph's Academy organised a "Short Marathon" on 15th October, 2016 in line to the school calendar. This is mainly to encourage mass participation and to instill values of promoting good health amongst students, teachers and community.

At 5.45 AM Principal Brother Dennis Joseph flagged off the race students were briefed all formalities required to be fulfilled like getting tickets at check posts and returning the same on completion of race, not to follow short cut routes and to be mindful of their safety measures.
A total of 1857 students took part in the annual school marathon.

Sub Junior Girls – Check point Hotel Madhuban
Sub Junior Boys – Check Point Silver City
Junior Girls – Check Point Silver City
Junior Boys – Check Point NIVH
Senior Girls – Check Point NIVH
Senior Boys – Check Point President Body Guard

What was outstanding that all of them completed the race! The Coordinators Sumeet Gupta, Simmi Sridhar and Sangeeta Sawhney Anand along with other school teachers and Managing Committee members of SJA Alumni Association were involved in necessary activities, flagging of children category wise, distributing stickers, cheering up participants, controlling and managing road traffic and most importantly ensuring the safety of children. Teachers were positioned at different location of the routes to check on the interiority of the runners.

The winners in different categories were as following:

Sub Junior Girls
1. Nehal – 7C –Duffy House
2. Malvina – 7E –Dooley House
3. Niyati Kukreti – 6C – Duffy House

Sub Junior Boys

Dhruv Negi – 6C – Bergin House
Prithvi Raj – 6E – Dooley House
Aryaman Rai – 7F – Duffy House

Junior Boys
1. Rozal Sapkota – 8F – Bergin House
2. Atulya J Singh – 9C –Dooley House
3. Kishalya Dand – 8A – Donovan House

Junior Girls
Vanshika Anand – 8D - Bergin House
Tanishka Tomar – 8D – Duffy House
Sanjam Kaur Bedi – 9D – Duffy House

Senior Girls
1. Ayushi Bist –Duffy House
2. Agrata Jaiswal –Duffy House
3. Unnati Rawat – Duffy House

Senior Boys
Manan Dilip – 12A - Bergin House
Tenjing Chonyang – 11 E – Dooley House
Aditiya Chauhan – 12B – Donovan House

On Completion of race children were served Bun Samosas by SJA Alumni Association! The theme for this years’ marathon was “Sports build up self esteem and mental alertness.”
The school received a strong support and cooperation from the Uttarakhand Police. An ambulance was also stationed for any emergency. In order to ensure safe, secure and minimal disturbances by the movement of vehicles, the Uttarakhand Police was kind enough to render generous support to school to control traffic from 6.00 AM t0 8.30 AM thereby helping school to conduct annual marathon successfully.

On Behalf of Managing Committee we would like to express our deep sense of gratitude to Mr. Surinder Batra owner Esll Honda and Mr. Arvinder Singh owner Blue Star Motors for helping us to serve children required stickers and breakfast. We would also like to thank the Uttarakhand police for their support and cooperation in controlling traffic. The required support to the students will motivate students to participate in such programs in future too.
The prizes for the winners will be awarded during annual sports day.