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On Saturday 16th, December 2017, the members of SJA Alumni Association returned to campus to see old friends and see what’s changed – and what’s stayed the same!

The event was also graced by the attendance of the Alma Mater Principal and Patron of Association Brother Babu Varghese, Brother Superior Arockia Raj, Vice Principal Brother Binoi and Principal St. Patrick’s Academy Brother Solomon Raja Rajan along with School coordinators Sumit Gupta, Suhani Sabharwal, Anuradha Tandon and many other past and present Teachers with their families.

The sparkling event of Alumni at SJA

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The 84th Annual day celebrations on 18th November 2017 at our Alma mater St. Joseph’s Academy saw life and energy being propelled exponentially…
Lt Gen RP Singh AVSM VSM illustrious Josephite batch of 1978, presided over the function.
He was presented bouquets by Managing Committee SJA Alumni Association and escorted by other senior Alumni members and school council members. He was given a warm reception by the Principal Brother Babu Vargehse , Brother Superior Arokiya Raj, Vice Principal Brother Binoi , Brother Tommy Principal St. George’s School and Brother Solomon Principal St.

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Request for Contribution – Annual Souvenir 2017-18

Greetings !!

To commemorate the joyous occasion of the Annual General Meeting and the Annual Gala Dinner is scheduled to be held on the 16th of December 2017, to celebrate the occasion the association as always is planning to print a Souvenir.

We invite all Josephites, members as well as non members, to contribute big-heartedly   to this very special edition which is sure to become a part of your treasure trove.

This Souvenir will be distributed across the globe to all visiting members at the Gala Dinner, and those who wish to receive it by

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SJA Annual Marathon 2017 !!!

St. Joseph’s Academy organsied a “Short Marathon” on 28th October, 2017 in line to the school calendar. This is mainly to encourage mass participation and to instill values of promoting good health among students, teachers and community.

At 5.30 AM Principal Brother Babu Varghese flagged off the race of Senior Boys and Vice Principal Brother Binoi flagged off the race of Senior Girls. Students were briefed all formalities required to be fulfilled like getting tickets at check posts and returning the same on completion of race, not to follow short cut routes

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Bright and sundrenched morning of 20th October 2017, a tradition which was set in 2012 as most of the Alumni’s residing out of Doon visit their home town to celebrate Diwali are given a chance to once again play with the old teammates, reliving the memories, competing against each other and winning Medals in 7 different sports tournaments across campus.
A day simply not to be missed! Commencing at 7.00 am at the SJA Tennis Court, Big Field, Basket Ball Court, and culminating at Auditorium with some stunning badminton matches, breathtaking shots being

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SJAA Annual Sports meet 2017

We all thank you for responding tremendously to our scheduled 6th Alumni Sports Meet…

Pre-registration is mandatory for all the events therefore you are requested to please send in your entries as soon as possible and provide us ample time to organise scheduled events… you will agree that it’s a huge responsibility to arrange entire events in a single day… in spite of constraint we shall put in our best efforts to not only arrange the meet but also provide you both breakfast and lunch so that Alumni’s can participate in

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Voluntary Blood Donation Camp 2017 !!

The SJA Alumni Association in coordination with the Sri Mahant Indresh Hospital (Blood Bank) Dehradun, Press Partner “Amar Ujala Foundation” and “Garhwal Post” (Satish Sharma organised “Voluntary Blood Donation Camp” at the School Auditorium on 2nd October 2017.

As Harish SIngh Ji Editor Amar Ujala stated the importance of such camps is to create awareness among people to come forward, donate blood and contribute in whatever little way we can to save 3 lives by donating one bottle. As one bottle is bifurcated in 3 units consisting of RBC, Plasma and

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Election Notification II

Notification No. 2/2017                                                                                                      Dated: 16th September 2017

Election Notification for the 4th Elections for the Managing Committee of SJA Alumni Association for the Term 2017-19

I, Praveen Chandhok, as President of the SJA Alumni Association, 12 Rajpur Road, Dehradun, hereby notifies the following to all

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Blood Donation Camp 2017

You do not need a medical degree to save lives. Just a fair degree of humanity. Donate Blood: Save Lives…

“Voluntary Blood Donation Camp” at the School Auditorium on 2nd October 2017, 9.00 am till 5.00 pm.

We request all the dear Josephites to be there and also motivate your friends and acquaintance to come forward for the noble cause…

Every day, in fact almost every second, someone who is seriously ill receives a blood transfusion. Too often, we take it for granted that there will be a regular supply of blood available

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Teachers Day Celebrations 2017 !!!!

The Managing Committee SJA Alumni Association joined the school celebrations on Teacher’s Day on 5th September 2017, the celebration commenced at 10.30 AM.

The entire staff ensemble at Library to commence the celebrations by cutting the cake the Senior most Teacher and Junior most Teachers did the honours along with Principal Babu Varghese, Vice Principal Binoi and Managing Committee Members.

The venue for the ceremonies shifted to the School Auditorium. The programme was celebrated in a truly Josephite Spirit.

The program kicked off with a spiritual ‘Ganesh Vandana’ dance by Sanjoi Sethi. A

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