Republic Day Celebration 2016

67th Republic Day was celebrated in the school premises with enthusiasm and fervour. Major General Chander Nandwani Josphite batch of 1957, presided over the function along with his better half Mrs. Meena Nandwani. He was given a warm reception by the Principal, School prefects and MC members along with other Alumni present, the euphoria in his eyes on reaching the school campus so unmistakable… To commence the celebrations Chief Guest along with Principal Dennis unfurled the national tri-colour. The students then took the centre stage and presented a variety Entertainment programs. The highlight being students in the getup of various national patriots.

Republic Day Celebration 2016 (135)

After the presentation ended Chief Guest addressed the students he was simply captivating each and every word he spoke or reminisced the little anecdotes enthralled both students, staff and Alumni members. The imitation of our PTI late Mr. Rawat was so perfect, not only he did he share his nostalgia he also strongly stressed the need to have empathy (the ability to understand and share the feelings of another), for retired armed forces personnel, citizens and teachers and went on to contribute to Alumni funds requesting them to take the lead.

To culminate the celebrations Principal thanked Chief Guest, SJA Alumni Association and staff for their outstanding effort. Thereafter Chief Guest was escorted for a high tea and was specifically served hot Samosas to cater his request!

The celebrations in fact had just begun…The Teachers along with Principal Brother Dennis Joseph and Alumni members reached Silver City Multiplex to witness the Premier Movie Show of “Air Lift” film – based on the mass evacuation of Indians in Kuwait in 1990 when Iraq evaded the country, directed by Raja Menon Acharya.!!! Show commenced at 11.15 AM the buzz and excitement was palpable, happily chatting away not only enjoyed watching movie but also munching snacks together. The day out will be a cherished experience for all of us present…. Proud to be Indian and equally proud to be a  Josphite…

Jai Hind

Vande Matram….