Symphony Rules : Let the Cricket begin…

Let the Cricket begin...

Symphony Rules:
1. Panel of 5 Selectors shall choose the Team representing SJA Alumni Association for the up coming T20 Match Scheduled for 24th April 2016 between Josephites and Cambrianites

2. Date for trial match: Sunday, 10th April 2016

3. Players to be divided into 3 categories:
a. Veterans : Age 36 and above
b. Seniors: Age 26-35
c. Youth: Age 18-25

4. Rule for the match:

a. Each team of 16 to consist of at least 4 Veterans, and maximum 8 seniors and 3 youth.
b.The playing eleven for each team should consist of at least 2 veterans and maximum 3 youth
c.Three Replacements will be made during the field one in each category both during Batting as well as bowling.
d. Players who register for the trials shall be divided into two teams by the selection committee. Maximum registrations for each category shall be as follows:
i. Veterans: Maximum 10 registration
ii. Seniors: Maximum 20 registration
iii. Youth: Maximum 8 registration
Registrations shall be solely on first come first serve basis
e. There will be a single trial match on 10th April 2016 and a team of 16 shall be selected on the basis of player’s individual performance. The playing 11 shall be chosen by the captain.

Note: Only the registered members (with no dues) of SJA Alumni Association are eligible to participate in the game. The Josephites eager to participate can enroll as the member to register their names for the trial match.

For Registration please join our FB event providing complete details visit our office or call between 9.30 AM till 2.00 PM.

For more personal information and queries please call:

Harshit Gupta Abhinav Goel
9837809800 9997446661