Teachers Day Celebrations 2017 !!!!

The Managing Committee SJA Alumni Association joined the school celebrations on Teacher's Day on 5th September 2017, the celebration commenced at 10.30 AM.

The entire staff ensemble at Library to commence the celebrations by cutting the cake the Senior most Teacher and Junior most Teachers did the honours along with Principal Babu Varghese, Vice Principal Binoi and Managing Committee Members.

The venue for the ceremonies shifted to the School Auditorium. The programme was celebrated in a truly Josephite Spirit.

The program kicked off with a spiritual 'Ganesh Vandana' dance by Sanjoi Sethi. A brief history of teacher's day and Dr. Sarvapalli Rhadhakrishnan was narrated. The hosts for the event were Anukshya Subudhi and Vanshikha Bhatt who lifted everyone's spirit with their hilarious anecdotes. They not only reminded everyone of the fond memories of the senior and junior school, but also entertained the audience with witty questions from the teachers.

Then the middle school took to stage, to express their gratefulness for the priceless lessons taught by their teachers, by a humorous play. The play clearly underlined the value of a teacher in a student's life. It was palpable from the day, that the credit of turning a student from a timid kid into a confident person goes entirely to our teachers. The oratory and performances of Anya Oberai and Ashok Bhatt warmed the hearts of entire audience. This followed by a fusion dance by Swarmayee Marathe and Anubhuti Rawat, who drew a loud round of applause for their steaming performance.
Then the Tech Board presentation was played on the screen, that was an impeccable demonstration, of the mutual love and respect that the teachers and students bear to each other. The presentation left everyone spellbound and sent continuous volleys of applause for our teachers, through the crowd.

The students of class twelfth lit the stage on fire by a flamboyant and sizzling dance performance on enthralling western and Bollywood tunes, that sent waves of applause and cheering through the crowd. This was followed by an ostentatious blend of songs presented by the school band, in which Akshat Sharma yet again left everyone awestruck, with his electrifying concert with the drums.

There was solemnity and fun too! Upon request of our Patron Brother Babu Varghese , this year the Association honoured two teachers viz Ms. Vimi Sondhi and Ms. Sikha Bisht for their Punctuality and Regularity. Ms. Vimi Sondhi had 100% attendance since past five years and Ms. Sikha Bisht had 100% attendance since past three years. Apart from mementos the Teachers were also given cash prize of Rs. 5000/- and Rs. 3000/- respectively for their efforts. The cash prizes borne by our dear Alumni the founder member of the Association Deepak Vohra, the entire managing committee is thankful to Deepak for his wonderful gesture.

The innovative ideas of offering the Gifts (Gurudakshina) by way of announcing different title to the teachers continued this year too, Mr. Sumeet Gupta the Senior Coordinator close to the hearts of Alumni was given a special gift for his loyalty and love for the school, Mr. Virender Rautela heading the sporting coach and mentor of the students was also given a cash prize of Rs. 5000/- for his dedication and devotion. Due to paucity of time the games planned for the Teachers had to be shelved, but the gifts were generously distributed. The members of Managing Committee joined Principal Brother Babu Varghese, Vice Principal Brother Binoi and Brother Aditya for the distribution gifts the entire Teaching and administrative staff.

This Year Zee Himgiri University joined the hands with SJA Alumni Association to celebrate the Teachers Day our Alma Mater this was only possible due to outstanding support of our Alumni CA Anterdeep Singh (CFO Zee Himgiri University). The Vice Chancellor Dr. Rakesh Ranjan, Mr. Vishnu Mathur (Senior Administrative Officer) and Rahul Kukreti (Director Admission) were present and graced the occasion. Vice Chancellor Dr. Rakesh Ranjan presented to mementos to Principal Brother Babu Varghese and Praveen Chandhok President SJA Alumni Association the entire managing committee joined their President to receive the memento.

The heart of past teacher’s swelled with pride when they looked at these students whom they had taught from their kindergarten days and now were ready for the world outside.

On this special day the Association arranged a sumptuous Lunch at school for all the past , present Teachers and the members of School Council serving whole lot of mouth watering dishes, scrumptious cake (masterly baked by our Alumni Naman Raj Jolly and his younger sibling Nav Raj Jolly), at SJA Auditorium.

The entire senior school council joined the occasion and said that the role of teachers has remained the same. They were and were the guides, creating conditions conducive to the overall development and the students will always be thankful for their constructive support.

“Because God made Teachers, we need a day to express our gratitude towards them, to take their blessings and together with them affirm our quest for knowledge. ” said Navneet Oberai Vice President SJA Alumni Association, who was accompanied by other alumni members viz. Praveen Chandhok (President), Deepak Bakshi (Treasurer),Jatinder Bhatia (Secretary), Dr. Alok Jain (Member), Sonali Mehta (Member), Mohit Rajvanshi (Member), Sachin Aggarwal (Member), Raghav Sharma (Member), Abhinav Goel (Member), Swabhavi Aggarwal (Member), Randhir Arora , Vijay Vachani, Vikas Dewan, Ambuj Oberoi, Anurag Sanghal, Kapil Anand, Saurabh Bhatnagar and many more who paid their tribute to their Mentors and other out station members who could not grace the occasion sent their messages through e-mail.

Praveen Chandhok, President explained the gesture of honouring both past present teachers each year: And beagn his speech by quoting Saint Kabir famous couplet " गुरू गोविन्द दोऊ खड़े, काके लागूं पांय। बलिहारी गुरू अपने गोविन्द दियो बताय।।".
and went on to translate the same stating , “Teacher and Almighty both are standing before a person. He is on the horns of dilemma as to whose feet he must touch first. Then he got the reason. He says that he is full of gratitude for his master as it is because of him that he has encountered God.”

The Principal Brother Babu Varghese addressing the Teachers’ emphasised on the importance of Teachers’ role in the society, Teachers develop key relationships as role models and mentors to nurture, to inspire and to challenge. Teachers support learners of all ages from kindergarteners to adult learners.
The distinguished retired teachers who attended were Mrs. Mrs. A. Khanna, Mrs. Kehra, Mrs. Kalia, Mrs. Gosh Several teachers still rendering yeomen service were also present, namely Mrs.Sirdhar, Mr. Sumit Gupta, Mrs. Anuradha Tandon, Mrs. S. Hasan, Mrs. Aparna Mishra, Mr. Raman Sethi, Mr. R. Ahuja, Mrs. A. Mendiratta, Mrs. G.S. Singh, Mrs. Y. Lal, Mr. K. Raj, Mr. K.K. Kathpalia, Mrs. Chandra Prabha, , Mrs. Monisha Singh and Mrs. Vickar, Mrs. Dutta and many others.

We all were deeply honoured to witness the august group of teachers’ ensemble here at our very own Alma Mater and felt privileged being part of school ceremony to recognise their role in our upbringing...

A Memorable Day to be cherished forever....