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In his classic book, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, Maxwell contends that succession is one of the key responsibilities of leadership. Calling it the Law of Legacy, he says that a leader's lasting value is measured by succession.

S.J.A. Alumni Association Dehradun

Today as we usher in the rites of succession as the new MC of SJA AA. Once again I have been chosen this time the leadership role of SJA AA; the two year turnover.

I am privileged to have been part of these turnover ceremonies as part of the continuing history and tradition of our Association. Taken over the charge as President of SJA AA gives me a feeling of excitement, not because this means I can sit at any table during our fellowship, but because this allows me to look forward and objectively assess what SJA AA has to accomplish in next two years.

In keeping with Team Eternal Josephite theme: Of the Josephite, by the Jospehite and for the Jospehites we shall collectively Explore new horizons and consolidating the strong yet nascent Association, apart from conducting regular events on the Alumni Calendar we shall continue to explore various ways to interact with members and creating a stronger bonds with the Alma Mater and the present students our future Alumni’s. Social activities are not to be left behind.

Two years from now, we hope to that we are capable to add a piece of stone to the edifice that we are collectively building, and to which the Past MC before us have contributed during their time. Two year hence, when we step down we want to secure in the reflection that we did our part to the best of our abilities in sustaining the SJA AA goals of being recognized, receiving acknowledgment by the members, past and present Teachers and fostering an environment where members enjoy coming to Annual Gala Dinner and continue to meet with one another.

We all know that we shall only succeeded in our efforts if the entire elected MC moves hand in hand, I am so immensely proud and thrilled to lead one of the most enthusiastic, committed and talented team, right from the day one since we came together they have been available in spite of all constraints and other important family commitments, procuring support of the members who unanimously selected the entire Eternal Josephites Team. Thank you for being with us and we seek your support all the way to see us through.

Being a Josephite and member of SJA AA was honor enough for me, but being elected to serve as President of this Association is a distinct privilege. I am gratified that I have been given this singular opportunity. Albert Einstein said, "There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." Having the honor to serve as your President would be a miracle for me. Thank you.

As I take on the torch to lead new MC, Let us continue to help build a better place for Jospehites. Let's continue to enroll members and establish goodwill. Let's continue to make dreams real…!

I sincerely thank the outgoing President Mr. Vikas Dewan, and pledge to continue to lead the new team as ably as our outgoing President who left no stone upturned, and hope the entire MC enjoys the experience of being MC members of this elite association.

I humbly request our dear members to provide the new MC your whole hearted support, Ideas and inputs to usher a new era.

Thank you for being there…
SJA love to all of you…
Praveen Chandhok
SJA Alumni Association


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