Voluntary Blood Donation Camp 2017 !!

The SJA Alumni Association in coordination with the Sri Mahant Indresh Hospital (Blood Bank) Dehradun, Press Partner "Amar Ujala Foundation" and "Garhwal Post" (Satish Sharma organised “Voluntary Blood Donation Camp” at the School Auditorium on 2nd October 2017.
As Harish SIngh Ji Editor Amar Ujala stated the importance of such camps is to create awareness among people to come forward, donate blood and contribute in whatever little way we can to save 3 lives by donating one bottle. As one bottle is bifurcated in 3 units consisting of RBC, Plasma and Platelets.
All the donors were treated with variety of snacks courtesy"Melting Moments" Elloras, Rajpur Road with love dear Josephite Drona Gulati. The Camp was effectively managed by Mohit Chawla of SMIH (Blood Bank).
The Camp began at 9.00 am till 5.00 pm. at the St. Joseph’s Academy- Auditorium to an overwhelming response more than 100 volunteers out which 81 were able to donate and sadly more than 20 were rejected due to recent infections, under medication and low HB apart from Josephites even E-Rotarions were present, the noteworthy aspect being the senior Alumni like Mr. Rajeev Nangia and Ashok Ahuja being in forefront and showing great enthusiasm to donate blood!!!
Laksha Mehta who has never missed a chance to donate blood on every occasion association organised the camp was the first volunteer. The entire Managing Committee salutes to her spirits.
Dr. Aparna Bhardwaj of SMIH informed that anyone in the age bracket of 18 to 60 years was eligible to donate blood and that the donated blood is replenished by the body within 24 hours to 48 hours and other elements within 90 days. A healthy person can donate blood every three months.
This year SJA Alumni Association and Amar Ujala Foundation also felicitated and recognised the Outstanding Donors of capital the certificate and memento of recognition were given by the Chief Guest Cabinet Minister Prakash Pant and Chief Minister Health Advisor Dr. Naveen Balooni the recipients were instrumental in encouraging people, organizations and establishment to come forward and donate blood.
The Ceremony commenced by lightning the lamp by the Chief Guest Cabinet Minister Prakash Pant, Special Guest Chief Minister Health Advisor Dr. Naveen Balooni , Brother Babu Varghese Principal St. Joseph's Academy Patron SJA Alumni Association and President SJA Alumni Association Praveen Chandhok.
Honorable Chief Guest spoke at length and informed that India needs 5 crore units of blood everyday and sadly we are not even able to raise 2.5 lakhs units per day. Specially the there is huge deficit of Voluntary Blood Donors and emphasized that the Blood Donation should become a Movement where each and every Indian is educated to donate blood other wise this gap will be impossible to fill.
Chief Minister Health Advisor Dr. Naveen Balooni also emphasized that till the fear of donating blood from the psyche of general public is not uprooted this deficit will never be removed he praised the profusely the organization supporting the noble cause of Blood Donation.
E-Rotarian also distributed a sapling to each donor on the occasion. This was the 8th Blood Donation Camp being executed by SJA Alumni Association. Bro. Babu Vargehese the Principal, St. Joseph’s Academy, emphasized the need for more such socially beneficial activities. He also appreciated the efforts Blood Bank on the occasion. And also congratulated and encouraged the SJA Alumni Association for its admirable endeavor.
Praveen Chandhok President, Navneet Oberait Oberai Vice President, Dablu Bhatia Secretary, Deepak Bakshi Treasurer, Dr. Alok Jain, Sachin Aggarwal, Mohit Rajvanshi, Abhinav Goel, Raghav Sharma, Sonali Mehta and Swabhavi Agarwal of the SJA Alumni Association pledged that the association shall devotedly carry more such social activities with the help and support of Josephites, and also encourage Doonites to come forward for their participation in this noble cause.
The other members SJA AA present on the occasion were Jaideep Datta, Ajay Goyal, Ambuj Oberai Vijay Vachani, Kapil Anand , Vikas Dewan , Surinder Batra,Ravi Maheshwari. COl. Sanjay Mohan, Tirupati Juneja , Aniroodh Prakash, Rohan Bakshi, Aashish Wasu, , Sameer Uniyal, Kritarth Uniyal among others
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