President’s appeal for Archive Room for our Alma Mater

Dear Josephites,
Quote unquote Brother JC Carroll, "Some of our readers may have seen the movie Dead Poets Society. If so, you will remember how the teacher(Robin Williams) uses the archives to instill in his students a sense of history and pride. I mention this because I doubt very much if our archives would arouse a whole lot of enthusiasm and passion in our students. Our records and documents need to be housed in a room where the ambiance is warm and inviting. The faces and the eyes in the photographs should be such that "if you listen real close you can hear them whisper their legacy to you. Carpe Diem, seize the day boys (and girls), make your lives extraordinary (Dead Poets Society)."

He goes on further and challenges us." We need to make a wholehearted effort to bring our archives alive, vibrant and inspiring. A lot of material is missing, and many important photographs are missing. I'm sure there is a whole lot of material out there. So get cracking and collect it. You have the space - I'm surprised that you were given one of the best rooms on campus!"

Yes, we completely concur with Brother Carroll and accept that we need to put in our wholehearted effort to bring our archives room alive, vibrant, and inspiring...

The present challenge and the formidable task at our hand are to revamp the Archive Room which was given to our members during my previous tenure as Secretary shall be embellished to the perfection which also incidentally holds the office of SJA AA

We are extremely pleased to inform you that along with Brother JC Carroll our senior Alumni a long-standing supporters Mr. Sudhir Arora, Mr. Lokesh Ohri, and always there for us Major General Sanjay Sharma has joined our hands to help us, guide us in creating the Archive Room which shall instill a sense of history and pride among Josephites and our students

We are making a strong pitch to help us in creating a dream Archive Room for our Alma Mater dear Josephites are requested to please spare some valuable time to provide us with various documents, artifacts, and rare photographs Please come forward and contribute if you possess rare nuggets (school Certificates, Group Photographs of class, house, hockey/Cricket team, old necktie, jersey, etc) which can be displayed in the Archive Room...

Please provide us the names of various achievers from your batches Josephites who have served or are serving as high-ranking and decorative officers, IFS, IAS, IR, IPS Doctors, Scientists, Musicians, Socialist, Entrepreneurs, Leaders in their respective fields etc.

Creating a dream Archive demands herculean efforts, and participation by one and all, and we look forward to generous contributions by the various batches to also create a corner for themselves!

As requested by Brother JC Carroll members the Managing Committee visited St. George's College, Mussoorie to get the ideas, and believe us we were simply awestruck, amazed, and mesmerized.

Please visit our website and Facebook pages where we have shared a few photographs of the Archive Room at St. George's College, Mussoorie which will provide you a fair idea as to why Brother Carroll was asking us to visit and understand his words.

Thank you for being there. SIA love to all of you...
Praveen Chandhok