Election Bye laws

Annexure – B




10.1 These bye‐laws shall be called ‘Election Bye‐Laws’ and shall govern the conduct of elections of members of Managing Committee hereinafter called ‘MC’ of SJA Alumni Association hereinafter called ‘AA’.

10.1.a. These bye‐laws shall be read in conjunction with the Constitution of AA.

10.1.b. Elections shall be held at every alternative AGM. Term of the MC shall begin at the AGM and last till the next Election AGM.

10.1.c. All members of the MC shall be elected from amongst the members of AA. The election will be by secret ballot, and the electorate shall be all members of the AA. Each member shall cast only one vote for any one position being contested.

10.1.d. When elections are due, the sitting MC shall appoint a Returning Officer who shall be responsible for the successful conduct and declaration of the election results. The Returning Officer shall be a senior member of AA minimum of 50 (fifty) years of age.

10.1.e. The Returning Officer may co‐opt other members of the Association for the smooth conduct of the elections.

10.1.f. The MC shall provide all logistic support for the work of the Returning Officer, but shall not otherwise interfere, control or direct the Returning Officer in the discharge of his duties.

10.1.g. The Election for the incoming MC will be conducted by the Returning Officer and his team under the last item of the Agenda for the AGM, which will be “To elect a new MC for the ensuing term (2011‐13, 2013‐15…… as the case may be).”

Tenure and Qualification Criteria

10.2. As per Clause no 7 and sub clause no 2(a) of the Rules and Regulations of AA, the MC shall consist of 5 (five) office bearers and 7 (Seven) members elected by the members of AA.

10.3. Tenure of MC shall comprise of one term = two years.

Post No of Posts Tenure Cooling off

period between

two terms **

Max no of tenures

tenable by a

member for the post

President One One term One term Two terms
Vice President Two One term One term Two terms
Secretary One One term One term Two terms
Treasurer One One term One term Two terms
MC Members Seven One term Nil Nil


**Cooling off period will be applicable only if the member wishes to contest the elections for the post already held by the member. If the member wishes to contest elections for a different post, cooling off period will not be applicable.

10.4. Qualification Criteria shall be as under: ­

Post Minimum years since pass out from the school

(To be calculated from year of passing of ISC or equivalent exam)

Minimum tenure as MC member Member stationed at
President 15 years ONE Any where
Vice President (Local) 10 years NIL Dehradun
Vice President

(Out-Station) #

10 years NIL Any where
Secretary 10 years ONE Dehradun
Treasurer 10 years ONE Dehradun
MC Members 10 years for four (4) senior members and 3 years for the balance three (3) members NIL Any where

# In case there is no nomination for a VP from outside Dehradun then the second VP should also be from DDN.


10.4.a. Every candidate shall be a bonafide member of the AA for a minimum period of One year prior to the date of elections for post of MC Member. Whereas for posts of President, VPs, Secretary & Treasurer the every candidate should be a bonafide member of the AA for a minimum period of Two years.

10.4.b. Preferably a minimum of two MC members will be women. In the event of women candidates not coming forward male members may be elected to fill in the vacancy.

10.4.c. MC may recognize Josephites who have attained exemplary heights on merit as CHAIRMAN EMERITIUS to add credibility to the AA; such recognition shall be for one term of the MC as ex-officio.

MC should ensure that any candidate with a criminal record should not be allowed to contest the elections for which a mandatory undertaking shall be taken from all prospective candidates.

10.5. Disqualification/Resignation/Demise of MC Member.

10.5.a. Any office bearer or member who is not able to attend any MC meeting continuously for a period of six months or minimum of two consecutive meetings whichever is more shall be deemed to have demitted office as member of the MC.

10.5.b. In the event of vacancy being created as a result of disqualification / resignation / demise of any office bearer or member of MC the following procedure will be adopted:‐

10.5.b.i President. Senior Vice President (seniority in school) shall officiate as President for the balance of term. Any MC member may be elected for the post of V.P. by simple Majority of MC to fill the vacancy.

10.5.b.ii. Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Any member of MC may be nominated as a Vice President or Secretary or Treasurer by simple majority of MC to fill the vacancy.

10.5.b.iii. Members. The MC is empowered to nominate any other AA member in accordance with the provisions of Clause no 7 and sub clause no 2(h) of Rules and Regulations of AA and for the balance term of the MC to make good the vacancy. The procedure will also be adopted to fill in the chain vacancy created as a result of Sub Clause b(i) and b(ii) above.

10.5.c. At no instance shall the MC comprise of more than 6 (six) adhoc members. In such an event, snap polls to be called by the President.

10.6.Election Procedure.

Elections shall be held by means of electronic polling of secret ballot on the Election Day. However, remote e-voting may be resorted to in case a member is unable to attend the AGM due personal exigencies which would be open for a time period of 72 hours and end at 8:00AM 1 day prior to the date of voting or as the MC and Returning Officer may deem fit.

10.7. Notification.

10.7.a A notification for the elections shall be issued by the President AA minimum 90 (ninety) days prior to the expiry of the term of the MC. The notification shall be published on the AA website and a copy shall be e‐mailed/posted to all members.


10.7.b The notification shall call upon the AA members to come forward to file their candidature. The notification shall include the following information:‐

(i) Date of elections.

(ii) Posts for which elections are being conducted.

(iii) Last date of filing nominations.

(iv) Name of the Returning Officer

(v) Last date of Withdrawal of Nomination


10.7.c Consequent to the notification, all AA members are expected to update their contact details held with AA office.

10.8. Nominations.

10.8.a The nomination shall be made in the appropriate form available with the Alumni Office and website.

10.8.b Nominations shall specify the position being contested and no member may contest for two positions at the same elections.

10.8.c Last date of nomination shall be min of 60 (sixty) days prior to the date of elections.

10.8.d Each candidate shall be entitled to be nominated by one nomination paper only. Each Nomination Paper shall be delivered personally to the Returning Officer or on his instruction to the Alumni Office in person by the candidate or through a representative.

10.8.e The candidate before filing the nomination shall clear all dues towards the AA and shall give a declaration to this effect. In case the declaration is found to be false at a later date the candidature shall be dismissed.

10.8.f All candidates will submit a written disclosure of their business dealings with the school if any along with the nomination papers.

10.8.g The Returning Officer shall prepare a list of all nominations received by him, post wise and the same shall be published on AA website and displayed in the AA office.

10.8.h That the nomination filed by the candidate shall be accompanied by a non- refundable nomination fee in the form of demand draft / Bank Transfer receipt in favour of SJA Alumni Association. The nomination fee shall be as under :-

Post Amount (INR)
President 15,000
Vice President (Local) 15,000
Vice President (Out Station) 15,000
Secretary 15,000
Treasurer 15,000
Senior MC Member 10,000
Junior MC Member 8,000

10.9.Scrutiny of Nominations.

All nominations will be scrutinised by the RO with the help of MC and in the event of any information found false or incomplete or not satisfying the qualification criteria the nomination shall be cancelled and informed to the candidate within one week of last date of filing of nominations.

10.10. Withdrawal of Candidature.

10.10.a Provisional list of all eligible candidates will be published on the AA website within one week of last date of filing of the nominations. A letter/mail of acceptance of nomination shall be emailed to the candidates. Any candidates can withdraw his candidature within 10 days from the last date of filing the nominations. A written notice to this effect will be served to the Returning Officer by the candidate in writing by physical letter/e‐mail within the stipulated time. Notice of withdrawal of candidature shall be final and shall not be allowed to be cancelled.

10.10.b Final list of all candidates will be published on the AA website within a day of finalisation of the list of candidates.

10.11. Uncontested Returns and Contested Elections.

10.11.a Where the number of contesting candidates for any post is equal to the number of posts to be filled, all such contesting candidates shall be deemed to be duly elected unopposed to those posts, and it will not be necessary to take a poll for election to such post(s).

10.11.b Where the number of contesting candidates for any post is more than the number of posts to be filled, a poll shall be taken by secret ballot for those posts remaining unfilled.

10.11.c Where the number of contesting candidates for any post is less than the number of posts to be filled then in such a case the clauses for Cooling off period, Max no of tenures tenable by a member for the post, Member stationed at and Minimum tenure as MC member shall not apply and they shall be filled as under:­

(i) For President – Senior Existing VP (as per seniority in school) automatically becomes President. In case he declines then the other existing VP becomes President.

(ii) For VP (Local) – Existing Secretary becomes VP (Local)

(iii) For VP (Outstation) – Any member of the Association may be nominated as VP (outstation) by the existing MC. Such nominated member must be seconded by at-least 10 members at the AGM.

(iv) For Secretary – Existing Treasurer becomes Secretary.

(v) For Treasurer – Senior most (as per Seniority in school) MC Member becomes Treasurer. In case he/she declines then the next senior most becomes the Treasurer.

(vi) For MC Member Senior – If 2 or lesser seats receive no nominations, then the existing MC can nominate the MC member from the members of the Alumni Association and such nominated member must be seconded by atleast 10 members at the AGM. If no nominations are received for 3 seats or no nominations are received for entire 4 seats then the existing MC members shall continue further for the next term. If circumstances arise that a Senior MC member becomes Treasurer by virtue of clause (v) above, the existing MC shall nominate 1 senior MC member from the members of the Alumni Association and such nominated member must be seconded by atleast 10 members at the AGM.

(vii) For MC Member Junior – If 2 or lesser seats receive no nominations, then the existing MC can nominate the MC member from the present members of the Alumni Association and such nominated member must be seconded by atleast 10 members at the AGM. If no nominations are received for entire 3 posts then the existing MC members shall continue further for the next term.


Further no polling shall be required for the post as filled in as per clause (i) to (vii) above and the candidate shall be deemed elected unopposed for the term of the M.C.


10.11.d The electronic voting shall be conducted by using the services of a certified vendor competent and authorized to conduct elections and voting in accordance with the guidelines and safety measures prescribed by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs / Government of India.

10.11.e List of AA members with addresses and available email IDs will be provided to the candidates if asked for in writing on a token charge to be decided by the MC.

10.12. Valid Voters

Valid voters shall mean Life time members and active members who have NO DUES as at the cut- off date.

10.13 Cut Off date

(a) For Remote Voting: The Cut off date for remote voting shall mean the date to be set in consultation with the e- voting vendor when the Managing Committee shall forward the data of valid voters to the certified e-voting vendor.

(b) For Onsite Voting: The cut off date for onsite voting shall mean the last permitted time on the date of onsite voting when a member may vote.


10.14 Remote e-Voting

The MC shall ensure regular and proper facility to members round the year and specifically from the date of issue of election notification to the Alumni to update their contact details i.e. Email ID, Contact number, Address etc.

The members shall authorize the MC to collect address and ID proof preferably Alumni ID Card or any other government issued ID to ensure authenticity and integrity of the data request to be updated. The MC shall be empowered to reject any application for contact details update which is found to be incomplete, improper or duplicate in terms of email ID and Phone number.

The Secretary and/or the E-voting vendor shall send the necessary instructions with respect to remote voting and request for registration to members for availing the facility of remote voting post the issue of election notification

The contact details of voter members shall be shared with the e-voting agency who shall send the members their User ID and Password in encrypted format to register on the e-voting for casting their vote remotely.

The members shall cast their vote on the voting portal and the agency shall ensure recording of the membership number of the members who have voted. Members who have registered on the e-voting portal shall be able to cast their vote using system generated OTP sent by the E-voting agency on the registered contact details. Members shall ensure correct and authorized usage of the login credentials.

Non-updating/ Non- registration of correct and complete contact details may result in the members losing his/her right to cast the vote remotely.

10.15 Electronic On-site voting

The on site e-voting would be conducted by use of Tablet/ computer or similar devices secured and configured by the e-voting agency ensuring integrity and security of the election process

Each voter shall be required, before he is supplied with a One time password, to give his/her signature on the authenticated copy of the list of AA members used by the Returning Officer for taking the poll. The voter shall present his membership card to prove his identity. In the absence of membership card a valid photo id issued by the Government may be accepted at the discretion of the Returning Officer.

The voter who has already casted his/ her vote using Remote e- Voting facility shall not be eligible to cast his vote in the Electronic On-Site voting.

The valid voter shall cast his/her vote on the devices in secrecy in a voting compartment specially provided for the purpose at the polling station using the system generated OTP supplied by the E-voting agency.

The Returning Officer shall close the poll at the appointed hour; However, all those voters who are present at the counter of the returning officer at the polling station at the appointed closing hour shall be entitled to vote even if the poll proceedings have to be continued for some more time. The returning Officer shall issue the tokens for those at the que and only those allotted with the tokens shall further proceed.

10.16 Counting and Scrutiny of E-Votes:

The Returning officer shall collect the vote tally and related data from the e-voting agency in the format as may be deemed fit.

The Returning officer along with his team of volunteers shall collate the total votes cast on site and remote voting.

Each contesting candidate, if he/she so desires can nominate one authorized representative and he/she shall be entitled to be present as observer at the place of counting of votes.

The Returning Officer shall thereafter ascertain the result of counting generated through the e voting process and the candidates who have secured the maximum number of votes in the said descending order, post-wise, equal to the number of seats to be filled for each post, shall be deemed to have been duly elected to those posts. If there is a tie winner shall be decided by draw of lots.

10.17 Declaration of Result and Oath of Office

10.17.a Having satisfied himself, the results shall be announced by the Returning officer. The results shall be later published on the AA website. The Returning Officer shall give a signed copy of the new MC elected to the Patron of AA (Principal SJA) and President of the outgoing MC and also put it up in the AA Office in the School premises.

10.17.b The decision of Returning Officer in respect elections will be final and acceptable to all contestants.

10.17.c Oath of office shall be administered to the newly elected MC by the Patron on a pre­​designated date.


10.18. Handing Over/ Transfer of Charge

The outgoing Management Committee shall be required to hand over complete charge to the newly elected Managing Committee within 30 days from the declaration of the result.

The outgoing managing committee while handing over the charge shall also provide a signed provisional balance sheet up to the date of handing over, alongside complete set of books of accounts, vouchers, Minutes Books, Membership data and forms, agreement etc and all other relevant documents along wit the bank account signatory power duly transferred to the new office bearers.

Further, the outgoing MC shall also ensure transfer of login Ids and passwords of the website, payment gateway, email accounts, various digital applications/ portal, social media profiles, Income Tax Portal etc. along with all other assets of the SJA Alumni Association at such transfer of handover.



The information as compiled and provided is for general information purposes Only. All information is provided in good faith, however we make no representation or warranty of any kind, express or implied, regarding the accuracy, adequacy, validity, reliability, availability or completeness of the information being provided. The information provided is subject to change at any given point of time. Under no circumstances the Society or it’s officials can be held responsible or liable or shall have any liability as a result of the information being provided or used by you. Use of the information is solely at your own risk. While we have made every attempt to ensure the correctness of the information, SJA AA and its officials are not responsible for any errors or omissions or from the result obtained from the use of this information. Incase of any error, the decision taken at the respective EGM/AGM shall be final. Updated and complied till December 2020.